The future of Luxury Mobility

    FItaldesign Giugiaro's new concept car, GEA is a study on the luxury car for the near future.  Wolfgang Egger, Head of Styling Area of Italdesign Giugiaro: “GEA is not simply a car, we wanted to give shape to our vision of luxury mobility for the future”. The focus shifts from the driver to the passengers in the rear seats. Three different settings transform the passenger compartment: business, wellness and dream.


    • GEA is Italdesign Giugiaro's vision for the future of luxury mobility. In the future, the real luxury will be time
    • Based on “Piloted Driving” technology: The focus shifts from the driver to the rear passengers
    • Interactive and multi-functional passenger compartment: choice between business, wellness and dream modes
    • Remote wireless operated of 90° book-type doors, virtual red carpet
    • In the Piloted Driving function the glass darkens to match the color of the car body
    • The LED light clusters and laser lights become a communication tool between the interior and the exterior and change color depending on the selected driving mode
    • Induction battery recharging
    • GEA was designed, engineered and built at the Italdesign Giugiaro headquarters in Moncalieri