One of Opac’s strong points is its integrated range of services, designed to satisfy our customers’ needs in the fields of pre-series automobile prototype construction and the production of hard-tops and soft-tops for automobiles and the nautical sector.

    Our company's services include: the translation of style concepts into products that can realistically be produced; product design services using state-of-the-art CAD systems; the creation of production processes; the assembly of individual products, from special vehicles to show-cars to be presented at the most prestigious international exhibitions, with either manual or automatic production; the construction of entire lines, including with automated islands.

    All the operations and services offered guarantee the utmost attention to technical and quality features, and can rely on the assistance of an efficient support network.


    Thanks to our analysis and research activities, we are able to identify the most efficient and economical process for every project, thus achieving the highest possible level of efficiency.

    Opac always tries to introduce elements of technological innovation into every production process. Design, production and product engineering have been accomplished for some time now with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes.

    It is also thanks to our collaboration with a multi-faceted and reliable group of hand-picked suppliers that the company is able, within a short time, to formulate offers that include manufacturing engineering and the planning system best suited to each customer request.

    This phase is followed by an internal process evaluation, in which the customer participates, in order to both share ideas and obtain customer consent to proceed. 


    A production line is composed of a series of work stations at which all the operations required to make the product are carried out.

    Opac takes care of the actual outfitting and preparation of production lines, producing the physical components that will make production possible.

    In this context, as elsewhere, Opac places a focus on process innovation or, in other words, the introduction of new production processes that aim to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

    From a technological perspective, the adoption of new production methods might mean, for instance, adopting industrial automation systems or devices. 


    Throughout its thirty years of operations, Opac has always proven itself to be an excellent strategic partner, reliable, meticulous and capable of creating products of the finest quality.

    The company possesses vast production potential.

    Quality and Environment

    To operate according to the principles of Quality and Environment means to achieve the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

    Opac pursues and maintains this fundamental objective through ongoing improvement of its internal company processes, the creation of production processes, and by offering services that meet the conditions of excellence imposed by our customers as well as by the standards that regulate and govern the operations we perform. Achieving customer satisfaction means offering products with the best technical and quality features, meeting customer needs with the utmost professionalism, respecting the environment and the health and safety of workers, and complying with compulsory legislation.

    In order to regularly fulfil customer expectations and better compete on the market, Opac has imposed controls on its own internal processes, carrying out periodic assessments of efficiency and effectiveness and setting goals for improvement based on the constant evolution of products, processes and the difficult production period.


    Over the years, the need to offer an effective support service for all of our products has steadily grown.

    For our nautical products and services, we can count on the support network guaranteed by our partnership with Opacmare.

    For our automotive products and services, we are able to provide support for our automobiles anywhere in the world.